Friday, September 24, 2010

Why Wasn't This Mentioned Before?

So, to recap, my boobs are sore. I have read that wearing a well fitting bra will help with that, so the sports bra is in a drawer and I am fully covered every day with a real bra. Improvement? Yes. And while I want to remove the bra after 9 hours, I am holding steady and making sure that it stays on until at least 8 each night. If I do, I've noticed they don't hurt as much when I climb into bed.

Oh, and remember that extra room in the cups I noticed 2 weeks ago? The jokes about my boobs shrinking? Scratch that. They are now fully filling said cups, and I have a feeling I'll be shopping for something bigger. More on that scary issue of mine another day.....

I think I may have mentioned this before, but I normally do not suffer major PMS symptoms. I have never missed work or school, had to take pills, or been made miserable by cramps. My poor sister, and my nieces, have this issue. They literally get to the point where they want to puke and cannot move at all.

I have always thought myself lucky in this regard. And maybe it is a good thing, because it makes me more aware of every twinge that happens every moment of the day.

The books mention some light cramping, much like you would feel when you are about to get your period.

Take it from someone who never went through this before: This is a weird feeling. It's not exactly pain, though a couple of good strong ones yesterday had me rubbing my stomach. But for someone who normally has nothing happening in that area except good things, this is just weird.

I do want to state that I know that it is a good thing. Everything down there is starting to do its job, and so it needs the stretch and grow. I just wasn't expecting to feel every single little thing that was happening.

...And yes, when it does stop I wish I could poke it with a stick to make is start again. It's the only reassurance I have that everything is still happening.

Blood tests are happening on Monday. I'll have a number, an idea as to where we are, and will also get to schedule my first prenatal appointment. This should include my first ultrasound that will not involve hunting for my ovaries and measuring ova.

This one should include a heartbeat....

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