Thursday, February 28, 2013

Toy Migration Season

We've been here almost a week, and yesterday the toy migration season began.

One of the things we looked forward to in this move was that James would have a room where he could have ALL his toys and his toy box.  The old place didn't have that option, so his toy box and the majority of his things were in the living room.

The old living room was so cramped it was nuts.

So, this first week has been an adjustment.

He would rather be with us in the living room than in his room, so no toys were really played with.  His keyboard made the trip back and forth, and he would hover everywhere we went.

But yesterday.  YESTERDAY.

Daddy finally went in with all his stuff and organized it.  It looked more like his room again.  And some toys that were hiding suddenly revealed themselves.

So, it started.

First it was a couple of Mega Blocks.  Then those wooden puzzle pieces.

Then his cars and a truck.

Keep tuned in as we begin the next great big lesson in life:

Taking toys back to the room they belong in every night.

*Maniacal Laugh* *Maniacal Laugh*

Monday, February 25, 2013

All Moved!

Everything was moved on Friday, and yesterday we had to run back for 90 minutes to get the last bits and pieces and clean a little.

James was weary the first night, and he still isn't sure about his room just yet.  But he has slept 12+ hours the last 2 nights, so I'm thinking that's a win.

Today is my first day with a real office.

Which will eventually be a guest room as well.  My niece is coming to stay with us for 3 months.  Her husband will be in Army training just a short way from here, so this will put her closer to him.

Internets, I am exhausted.  I didn't do any of the heavy moving, but the cleaning and unpacking and organizing of my kitchen has me bone tired.  This office/guest room is nothing but boxes and my desk in the corner.


The best thing so far?

James' great grandparents live so close that they took James out while running errands this weekend.

We are looking forward to more breaks like that!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Randomness

1.  As of last Thursday we have signed a lease on a condo for rent.  It's in a secured building, almost 400 more square feet, including a 3rd bedroom, and will end up costing us $150 less a month.  Things really do work out for the best, don't they?

2.  Our move date is the 22nd, and so far we've packed a little over 50% of the apartment.  I need to finish the kitchen, then work on the few things in the bedroom.  James discovered he could put things in boxes and then take them out.  Apparently he wants to help pack and unpack.

3.  We'd actually be further along with packing, but there was an unforeseen issue.  James woke up at 3:30 am on Friday morning with a bad stomach.  He spent the day sleeping when he wasn't throwing up.  By 10 that night, things seemed to have calmed down, and we went to bed hoping that was it.

4.  On Saturday morning, at exactly 8:03 am, I ran to the bathroom from a dead sleep.  Thus began the worst 12 hours of my life.  My husband took care of James, but when the great-grandparents called to check on their baby and offered to watch him, daddy did the smart thing and handed him over.  This allowed me to sleep, daddy to get a little sick, and James to get the attention and care he needed.  They brought him home at 7, left us at 9, and James went to bed at 10.

5.  Sunday morning had us all feeling better, but James was 1 day ahead of us in recovery and in full energy mode.  Again, the great-grandparents were over to play with him for 3 hours, and that helped as daddy needed a nap and mommy hadn't eaten more then 2 pieces of toast and a saltine cracker since Friday.

So how was your weekend?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

If This Keeps Up I'll Have Enough Lemonade For the Summer

So plans have totally flipped upside down and inside out since the beginning of the month.

Our move isn't happening as planned.  Without getting into the details, things that needed to happen aren't happening, our lease is coming up for renewal, and I just can't stay here another year.

My son needs more room to grow, and I need a real office space to work in.

The hunt has begun, we have a couple of places we want to look at, and hopefully it works out.

Of course that means our tax return will be going to pay for this move.

Who needs a vacation, right?

Luckily we had already started packing, so if a place comes up we will be jumping on it ASAP.

Now let's just hope nothing else goes wrong.

You know that saying about making lemonade when life hands you lemons?

Luckily I haven't packed the juicer.