Friday, May 22, 2009

Mental Note: Keep Camera By Bed

Some time around 5 this morning I heard what sounded like scratching on cardboard. I was asleep enough to not care, so I ignored it and rolled over.

Then there was a crashing sound at the far end of our bedroom, which immediately had A up and at full alert.

I need to give you a little info first:

My husband loves Transformers. Not just because of the movie, but because he has a love of machines altogether. This has resulted in a collection of action figures that proudly takes over most of the shelves on 3 large bookcases in our bedroom alone. One of those is on the far end of our bed, against the wall. Nothing is "breakable", but the cats crashing in to them may cause things to pop out of joint, and an occasional accessory like a sword or gun has been known to disappear.

Our return from VA was via a plane that was packed to the brim with people. That and the change in climate resulted in a cold that had me miserable last week. We were in the middle of a heat wave that had us confined to our bedroom since it has an AC unit in the window. The cold is gone, but I have kept a box of tissue nearby. It's one of the smaller boxes, meant for your desk, a perfect square with tissue popping out of the top. I have been quite proud of the cats, as both Shadow and Narco have ignored its presence completely.

Yesterday morning when I left from work I noticed that there was no tissue standing at attention to be grabbed and assumed the box was empty. Which wouldn't have surprised me if you had seen me while I was sick.

Back to this morning.....

I felt A jump out of bed and realized that the sound was coming from his bookcase of collectibles. It sounded like someone was crashing through there, and I was still not awake enough to look. Then he started to yell....

"Narco! What the hell are you doing in there? Get out!"

I remember lifting my head up and asking what was wrong.

"He's on the shelf behind everything and won't get out! What the hell is wrong with him? Cover your eyes because I am turning on a light."

I pulled the blanket over my head, heard the click of the lamp being turned on, and then cussing. I peeked out cautiously and asked what was going on.

"That idiot pulled all the tissues out of your box on the floor and now has head stuck in the box!"

I burst out laughing, which I could see was not the reaction A was going for.

By this point the cat had gotten down and somehow stumbled over to my side of the bed, with the box firmly over his head. I was giggling so badly, and that's before I saw that pile of tissues, looking like a nest, sitting on the floor.

It appears that they had pulled them out of the box I thought was empty, and in an attempt the get more out (because there were some in there once I pulled it off his head) he had gotten his whole head in the box and couldn't get it back out.

Which resulted in the stumbling and crashing that had woken us.

I got up, released the cat from the tissue box, and then placed him in our bathroom for "time out", which I knew was expected from A, without saying another thing. Narco didn't fight, and in fact looked more scared than anything else.

By the time I walked back to bed the lights were out and A was back on his side and attempting to sleep.

Shadow just looked at me from the floor. And I had to giggle again. The clock told me I had another 90 minutes until the alarm, so I went back to sleep smiling.

My only regret is not having a camera by the bed to take pictures of what the room looked like. That cat will seriously be the death of us.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Has it really been 3 weeks?

In my defense I spent one of those weeks in VA. But that is a different post.

On April 30th I was given a prescription for an insulin pen. I promptly tried to fill said prescription only to leave the pharmacy with the drug but no needles. My doctor forgot to prescribe those.

So on May 2nd I began nightly injections. The dosage has slowly gone up each night, and I think I may be almost at the right place.

I have never had problems with needles, so I wasn't too worried about it. But even someone with an adverse fear couldn't really complain too much. The needle is ultra fine and you don't feel it. Course I am injecting it into the fat on my stomach around my belly button. Which is exactly how the nutritionist described the process to me.

So things are moving along on that front. I have 2 nutrition classes coming up, a follow-up appointment with endocrinology, and we finally scheduled A for a physical near the end of the month.


I wish I could say there was more going on, but in all honesty it's just been the status quo here. I do plan to write about the trip and what we are working on as far as our future together. But first I need to get caught up with work!