Thursday, April 23, 2009

News that has nothing to do with my ovaries!

I arrived home last night to see A a little.....well, worried.

My "family" here in CA is pretty small. Blood relations total 6 of us, and those additional people I choose to call family still total less than 30. We are pretty scattered, and see each other semi-regularly, but it's different. We've chosen to be a part of each other's lives, call each other family, and that makes gatherings fun for everyone.

My husband has a different view of family back in VA. His parents each have brothers and sisters and kids and I think now grandkids and nephews and nieces. He has several cousins, and his grandparents are there. They all live within easy driving distance, and getting just 1 side of the family together for a gathering must be interesting. I mean, our wedding had 35 people total in attendance and that to me was big. But that's just Thanksgiving with 1 side of the family for him.

We are leaving for VA on May 6th to spend a week there just visiting. No tourist stuff, just time with family. I really do love them, and I am looking forward to having dinner at home and spending time with his parents and sisters.

Yesterday A was informed that since we don't want to go to do anything touristy they've decided to plan a BBQ. With the entire family. Just to meet me.

I laughed. He growled. I am dying to meet them all, put faces to names. These people sent us cards and gifts last year, and I just can't wait. He's worried of what I will think of them. I just can't get over being part of such a huge family. We're both looking forward to the trip, and after saying I wanted to make a potato salad and meet them all he finally smiled and let me know he was ok with it after all.

I made sure to email my MIL today and let her know I was excited to meet everyone. She wrote back and laughed about his reaction. It was along the lines of "why are you subjecting my wife to those people?". Which only had me laughing harder.

So, what does one wear to a BBQ in Roanoke, VA to meet a large number of people that you are now related to?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Conversations with My Cousin

I realized that promising myself I would write about things only works if I do write it down. And after a chat with my cousin today I realized I need to update where things are now, after meeting with my endocrinologist.

I honestly went in to that appointment expecting to review my history and then be prescribed insulin and leaving. We talked for an hour and in the end I need to provide more data for her. I am testing my blood sugar multiple times a day, making sure to get a reading before bed and then when I wake up to see what is happening while I sleep. Based on all this she will make a decision as to what type of insulin would work best for me, as well as for how long.

I have flooded my iPhone with free applications. I am tracking weight, carbs, diet, sugar, as well as any cycle that may or may not come up on its own during this time. I have a follow-up with endocrinology on the 30th, as well as 2 diabetic diet classes next month, and a referral to a podiatrist to have my feet checked to make sure there aren’t any problems there that need to be taken care of before I am pregnant and unable to bend over to check them.

Once I am track with this I will be back to my OB/GYN to start on making things happen. There will be hormones, I will be counting days and taking pills and then getting an ultrasound to see if it all worked. If yes, then we move on to let nature do its thing. If no then the cycle will repeat itself a month later with an increase in hormones.

There is no way to know when it will take, and then it will be a matter of maintaining healthy living so the baby develops normally and everything else goes smoothly.

My cousin immediately said she was sorry it had to start out so difficult already.

Yes, it will be a challenge. But I see A and his anxiousness to make this happen and I realize we both really want to be parents. And we are both ready to fight to make this happen and do what we have to together. He is being so supportive, and that includes making sure I eat well during the day while at work. I admit I tend to forget meals while in the office, and he is the one who reminds me to take things and find healthy snacks.

So for now I am trying to correct some bad habits. I am working on getting a routine going where I can exercise in the evenings and maybe, just maybe, get up in the mornings and do something physical, even if it’s Wii Boxing for 20 minutes.

I hope I’ll have more to report at the end of next week. I’d like to see us moving forward and pregnant by the end of the summer, but if it takes longer than it does. I just want a healthy baby and our family together to start right.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Thank goodness I'm not afraid of needles....

So Friday came and I went to meet with my new official OB/GYN.

I need to be honest and state I haven’t had a real doctor in the longest time. My appointments tend to be rather last minute, and I always advise them that I would be content with seeing a Nurse Practitioner. This has never been a problem for me, the appointments don’t feel and different, so the only thing now is that I can say I am going to an MD.

The doctor and I talked for about 90 minutes. She reviewed everything I had read on WebMD, and showed me the results of the hormone screening. Apparently my need to track things is a good thing, since most couples will go months and months before wondering if something is wrong. My hormones are showing an odd shift, which means I really am truly diagnosed with PCOS. Based on my other history it seems like this may have always been the case, and now that we know we can work on things.

At this point in the conversation I had to bite my tongue to keep from asking her to just give me my prescription and get to the end of the story. And of course that’s when things didn’t go exactly how I had hoped.

When I was originally diagnosed with Diabetes in September of 2007 the NP I saw put me on medication to stabilize all that. She was adamant about avoiding insulin, which I was happy about. I have never had a problem with needles or blood, but I wasn’t looking forward to having to deal with all that.

Apparently that was just a reprieve for the last 18 months.

While my numbers look good, and are steadily improving, I have been referred to an endocrinologist to review my current state. And look in to putting me on insulin. Being diabetic can lead to an increase in heart defects for the fetus, and I don’t want to do anything to endanger our offspring. Add to this the possibility of multiples and the doctor pointed out that in the end I would have most likely been prescribed insulin for at least the first 8 weeks of my pregnancy, during the time when the organs develop, to make sure that everything developed normally. But until I get an all clear from endocrinology everything is on hold temporarily.

Lucky for me they called 20 minutes ago. Next available appointment is tomorrow at 7:30 am. I will be there ready to get to work on taking care of my system and preparing for taking care of a growing baby. Along with the possibility of insulin I am picking up multi-vitamins with folic acid so that I am getting the proper nutrients ahead of time for everything else as well.

Oh, and A has to go have a physical done. They want to make sure that there is nothing wrong on his end before we get too far along and realize that it was all for nothing. I’m officially 35, the age where apparently some invisible line is drawn. More things need to be checked, and I am more than willing to let them poke and prod as long as in the end there is a happy baby.

It’s all about the end result….

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I have decided that if I am not ovulating, and as such not having a normal cycle, that I should get to be exempt from moodiness and other PMS symptons.

Wouldn't this seem fair?

My husband is the mosft patient man in the world. I have been "off" for the last few days, and lucky for me he just is trying to be good and ask me how I am. One minute I want to snuggle with him, the next I wish the cats would form a barricade between me and the rest of the world.

The appointment is in 9 days, and if this is on the same pattern as last month it will pass by this Friday.

I just want to get this all evened out and move forward. Quickly.