Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cycle Day 2

Yesterday afternoon I began feeling some heavy cramps. Then the urge to pee. And then I realized my cycle had started.

I was good and immediately called the doctor, and was able to get in this morning for an ultrasound.

The good news is that once again the doctor was able to locate all the right parts. Ovaries were there, uterus size was normal, and he looked very happy with what he saw.

The bad is that the cyst was still there. It's gotten smaller, but he said it would take another month or two to clear completely, and until then he didn't want to risk the clomid and trying anything to get pregnant.

So, we are home. I am writing in the calendar to look for a cycle in 4 weeks, and if nothing then I need to refill the progesterone to have a cycle. Repeat that again in 4 weeks, and then schedule an appointment with him for another ultrasound. If the cyst is gone, he will move forward.

I have 8 weeks, roughly, to lose some weight, get the diabetes under control, and do whatever I can to promote fertility in my system.

Time to start looking at books...

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