Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm Noticing the Weight Loss!

I am apologizing in advance for the following discussion about my underwear.

You see, we still don't own a scale.  I weigh myself via the Wii Fit Plus program each Sunday, and then do an official weight check on the 1st of each month to track the overall total loss.

But there are little things that are happening.

My shirts are feeling a little looser.  My jeans don't bunch up on my waist, and if I carry things in my pockets they slip down a little.

But the best part?

My Jack Skellington underpants fit!

I bought these briefs with Jack Skellington all over a while back, and they fit at first, then they didn't fit, then they started to fit, and then I got pregnant and nothing fit.

And now?

They fit!

And they're comfortable!!!

I am still a couple of pounds shy of being at my official weight from the week we found out I was pregnant.  I blame Valentine's Day and Girl Scout cookies, and soon Easter, for the fluctuations over the last 4 weeks that have kept me at the same weight.

That and my lazy butt for not wanting to get up.

But the weather is changing, James loves his stroller, and the walk around the complex we do includes 1 hill, so things should be changing soon.  We'll know for sure on April 1st!

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