Friday, October 15, 2010

When Gamers Have Kids...

As you may know, we have been trying to have a baby for almost 2 years now. This pregnancy has been a welcome surprise, and while I have a lot to learn about baby safety, specifically why I can't construct a bassinet out of a Star Wars prop, we are prepared with toys.

And I'm not just talking about the Transformers and Star Wars figures that are on display. Or the random stuffed animals we have saved over the years, including a collection of stuffed Tiggers that I think would shock some people.

We have actually spent money on specific items in the last 2 years and said they would be for the baby when it finally came.

Example 1 is straight from World of Warcraft. This is the game where A and I met online, and it will always be something special to us. So we bought a little monster for the baby to have...

It's actually still in its "crate", waiting to be opened and handed to someone who will be able to drool on it.

Not to be forgotten is our mutual love of Star Wars. I have already explained to family that I plan to remove the Han Solo outfit from my Build-A-Bear and dress the baby in it for pictures. Han wouldn't go anywhere without his best friend, so of course we have this little 6" walking carpet:

To clarify, even if our child is a girl, there will be a pic with this little Chewie. I will just have to find a tiny little Princess Leia costume, that's all.

Finally, last month, just after we ovulated but before the positive test, A was looking online and found something he knew I would love. I took one look at this stuffed animal and told him I was ordering it because it would be perfect for a baby to have. I mean, not only does it scream at me to watch the movie, but it brings a big grin to both of us:

I am sure there will be more purchases like this in the coming months. I mean, we still have to find Yoda and Darth, and then look into stuffed Transformers.

And pirates. Cannot forget the pirates!

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