Monday, October 18, 2010

Back into the Groove of Things

I am starting this by asking anyone who really does not want to hear too much personal detail about my sex life to stop now. Come back tomorrow. I'll tell you about the corn maze we went to on Saturday.

Just leave while you can.


Every pregnancy book tells you that sex after getting pregnant is perfectly safe. I've read this in 3 books as well as online at different sites.

So why is it that my brain had me so fearful of doing anything seriously physical for fear the baby would be knocked loose?

I'm not kidding you. I had a nightmare about this.

I have issues.

During the 5 days leading to ovulation, A and I were all over each other daily. By the end of those 5 days, it wasn't that we weren't in the mood, it was just that we needed a timeout to get back some of that energy.

For me, the 2 week wait began. I was literally convinced that anything extra we did could undo the possible pregnancy. Then I was stuck on it not happening, and that puts me in a place where I just do not get in the mood at all.

Then we found out we were pregnant, and the wait for that heartbeat began.

It has been one stress issue after another. My brain just doesn't go to it's happy place during that time, and the last thing on my mind was being physical.

Then yesterday morning I woke up feeling amazing.

We had been out for the second Saturday in a row with his family and gotten sun, and other than a slight sunburn I was feeling on top of the world.

So things happened, and we laid there and talked afterward and laughed. He admitted that he just assumed I would be off limits until I hit that phase that he'd heard about in pregnancy where a woman seems to want sex a lot. He was prepared to give me the space and time to be comfortable with things.

I love this man.

Now, I have to admit that every single time I wiped myself I was looking for spotting or bleeding or something. But last night there was still nothing, I had a bought of nausea while cooking dinner, and between the twinges and slight cramping that I get every evening, and the super sensitive and sore boobs...well, I still felt pregnant.

And very content.

I know he isn't going to come after me, and he is okay with me taking my time. And I am perfectly okay with seducing my husband when I know I am ready to.

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