Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Like Spots Through the Microscope...

The great science experiment is continuing here.

Yesterday didn't have anything too exciting:

Today had me thinking that there were signs of something, but I think I am looking at it too hard:

I think it's a lot like reading tea leaves. Which has me thinking of Harry Potter and how Hermione couldn't see it. She was too logical to believe in something so flighty.

Personally, I like to believe I am as logical as Hermione. But it doesn't stop me from starting into the microscope and turning it like a kaleidoscope. I think I just keep hoping it will show me something different.

Preferably a sign that says to have sex now because it really is ovulation.

In the meantime, I am charting my BBT and can show you what it looks like so far.

For the record, I love my iPhone. I do everything on it and then email and upload. And it has been eye-opening to see the chart come to life. Having a list of temperatures and then trying to graph them annoys me. If anyone is looking for something the app you see a picture of here is called LoveDiary and it was free. I have no idea who made it, but I searched and it was the first free one in English.

I am rather easy to be won over as you can tell. All I do is record date and temperature, and voila! It even let's you pick icons to note other things going on, and that has helped me track more.

Fifteen days until the appointment. Then we will know what we have to do next.

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