Thursday, May 20, 2010

The One Where We Walk...Outside...In Fresh Air

My husband loves to walk. It helps get him energized and moving, and it's something he has missed since leaving his job.

I would drop him at the beginning of his shift each morning, but he walked home the 1 mile each day as a way to tune out work and recharge.

Now, I am a treadmill person. I prefer to be inside, with a TV going, and still be able to walk. One of the pros of our move, according to A, was that we would be living somewhere where we could go outdoors and walk and get fresh air.

When we moved in to the new place, one of the added benefits to the complex, according to me, is a fitness center. With weights. And an elliptical. And treadmills.

My original and rather lofty goal was to go down at lunch everyday. A little midday movement would get me through the remainder of the day and help me get back into a routine.

Then the humidity hit. And I got lazy. And discovered that my workday could be tracked by watching 2 hours of Charmed, 2 hours of Supernatural, 4 hours of CSI, and 1 hour of MythBusters each day.

Sad, yes?

So, last week A went for a few walks. He discovered that the sidewalk in the complex forms a complete loop around, and a lap made him feel good. And last night he wanted me to join him.

After the 2nd lap, I felt good. I had music with me, the air was so crisp, and our view is amazing. So now I want to do this after work each day, before making and eating dinner, so we get to stretch.

I've agreed that on non-humid days we should aim to walk a mile minimum in laps outside. He has a pedometer, and I downloaded a free app for my iPhone.

Humid or hot days we will go to the fitness center and walk there. Again, at lease 1 mile, but there is nothing stopping us from more if we are up to it. And there are weight machines so we can work on other parts of the body.

Which reminds me: Anyone try that shake weight thing you see in commercials? I am soooo tempted to snag one at Target to try....

I have to admit: I am looking forward to walking outside each evening. I mean, who can complain about exercising when this is your view?

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