Monday, March 8, 2010

The One Where I Agree to More Hormones and An IUI and My Husband Has to Abstain

Welcome to Month 7, Cycle Day 4!

I have officially been on clomid for 2 doses, and even last night could feel the evil me wanting out.

It's amazing how easy it is to snap at people for odd things. I did bite my tongue, but my husband sees it. Poor A.

Saturday afternoon he went to the lab for bloodwork and to pick up a specimen cup. They took several vials of blood, and his body doesn't like that.

So we went to Baskin Robbins. Fair, right?

As we were waiting for the lab to call him back, we dug into the little brown bag they provided us and looked at the instructions. We were both dying to see what the little notes would say.

Sadly, it was not much to giggle at. Just the basics and letting you know to timestamp the sample and return it to the lab within 30 minutes of collection.

Then we noticed the line that said not to do anything sexually for at least 3 days prior. Something that if the doctor had told us about on Friday would have resulted in the test being able to be done this morning.

Instead, I need to wake him tomorrow, make him leave a deposit somehow (sorry, TMI, I know!!), then run it to the lab and head to work from there.

Oh, and we get to do this all again next week: the ultrasound is scheduled for Wednesday morning and then actually IUI should be happening roughly 24 hours later.

So, here's hoping!

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