Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hello World!

Today is the first day this week were I haven't felt like I was dying.

And I have my voice back!

The only advantage to this has been that I have been working from home. Which has me anxious for May when that will be a day to day reality. It really sounds so amazing.

So, I apologize for being MIA. All 5 of my readers, I really am sincerely sorry.

I have no clue what cycle day this. I have spotted for the last 24 hours. I still don't know if I want to try an IUI, and am leaving that decision until Cycle Day 1 happens and I can look at a calendar.

And in 10 days I will be 36.

I promise to resume posting, and you have to promise to deal with tales of moving, discarding old stuff, and how even illness is apparently a turn-on for my husband.

Ok, maybe not too much on that last one.

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