Friday, July 27, 2012

His Latest Thing

Earlier this week, we noticed James was doing something with his tongue.

He would flick it in and out of his mouth really fast.  He was also running it along the roof of his mouth and his teeth.  When he caught us watching, the resulting giggles were too much.

Tuesday, he and daddy showed me his latest trick.  They had worked on James opening his mouth to say "aaaaaaaahhhhh" while A placed his hand in front of James' mouth and began covering and uncovering it to break up the noise.  Again, James thought this was completely hilarious, and the new noise had him smiling.

Wednesday and Thursday he learned more noise could be made.

James was now opening his mouth and wiggling his tongue back and forth while making a "la" sound.  Of course, being the parents we are, we copied him, and that just made it the greatest thing to do.

Apparently, these new noises and discovery of his tongue has him ecstatic.  He walks around making that noise, often with his eyes closed, and laughing when we do the same.

This morning came the crowning moment.

We have a poster in a frame hung at a level where he is facing it dead center.  He's been good about not doing anything to it, and so it was a shock to turn my chair around and see him licking it.

I have to be more specific.

He had his tongue out, started at one end of the poster's framed front, and would place his tongue against the plastic front and then walk sideways while dragging his tongue across the front.

And yes, it was just his tongue.  I could see from my angle that he was keeping his lips and face off, and only his tongue was making contact.

As I laughed and told A to turn around and look, James turned the corner and proceeded to do that across the front of the dishwasher as well.

I lost it completely.

James is proving to be an interesting child with his own way of learning things, that's for sure!

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