Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Complete and Utter Undoing

The holidays were actually pretty mellow for us.  Nothing too major happened.

James has been rocking on his hands and knees regularly, tends to move backwards, and is enjoying his new toys.

And then Monday night happened.

He was playing with his toys and babbling as per normal.  Just random noises and giggles.  And then...

Well, my hear melted.  Over and over again.  Because in the middle of it all we heard "Mamamamamamamama".  And when we asked him to say "mama" he would laugh and do it again. And again. And again.

Gone are the mornings of laying in bed and letting A get up to do things for the little one.  Now, from his room, we hear the normal sounds, and then the "mamamamamamamamama" begins.  And I can't seem to get dressed fast enough to get to him and confirm that yes, you called for mama and now she's here.

Do I think he's associated those noises to me quite yet?


But he is still making me smile and melting my heart.  Even now, at this moment, when he's winding down for his morning nap and all I hear is him saying it as he giggles....

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