Thursday, January 19, 2012

Because It Was Supposed To Be This Way

Apparently my son's birth opened a floodgate of sorts.

At least, it feels that way.

I have two girlfriends who are due in March, 10 month after James was born.  Another this month.  And another in April.  I think there may be one in May as well.

What I love about these pregnancies is that we are all about the same age.  Our late 30s.  Starting families.

And we all agree on one thing:

If we had done this in our 20s, this would have been different.  We were all doing our own thing, figuring ourselves out, and enjoying life. 

Would we have been good mothers?

There is no doubt.

But it would have been different.  And now, 10 years later, there would be things that we all would have wondered about or wanted to do. 

My mom says things happen for a reason.  I believe there is a plan.

Luckily, my plan resulted in the little boy who scrunches his nose and laughs at me when I tell him I'm gonna get him.  Who gives slobbery kisses on the cheek and is trying to mimic me when I make monkey noises at him.

He is getting bigger every day, and most days it doesn't phase me at all.

Lately, as I watch him rocking back and forth, I try to remember how small he was once upon a time.

It's almost been 8 months, and I can't believe it.  I also still look at the pictures and realize more and more I want another.

Hopefully that is part of the plan.

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