Tuesday, April 12, 2011

S is for Shower

When we were getting ready to move, I told A that my only real hang up about leaving it all behind was never getting a baby shower to share with my closest friends.

When that pee test lit up positive, it still was the only sad point for me.  He insisted that his family would throw one, and I found out later they were planning to do so closer to my due date, but I still was sad about it being without the people I loved.

And then my best friend and my cousin did it.  D flew in from Seattle, my cousin drove from Indiana, and over a weekend I was able to enjoy their company.  And that of someone I hadn't seen in 11 months: my mom.

So on March 19th, I walked into a room with over 20 women, all relatives of my son in one way or another, with my mother and my aunt be my side, and my two closest friends waiting.

This little boy is so spoiled already.  He has so much clothes, and almost every accessory from a breast pump for me to use to his stroller/baby seat and a swing.

And the clothes!  I could not stopping oooohing over the tiny things, and wishing I could keep him small enough to wear them forever.

Especially the Star Wars onesie that will be used in our first family picture!

I don't think I've been able to fully express to everyone how thankful I am for everything.  How blessed we both feel about the baby we are bringing into this world, and the way all of our families have come together to show us they will be there for him and for us.

And I wish I could say that we aren't still being spoiled, but I've learned that A's grandparents have been stocking up on diapers when they find them on sale, in all sizes, waiting for us to move into our new place.

And along with that, apparently there is a crib, changing table/dresser, mattress, and changing pad also waiting to be brought over.

I really need to find a nice dinner I can make them or something to thank them for everything.  Without them, we'd still be crunching numbers to get the last of the things we needed purchased in time!

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