Monday, April 4, 2011

O is for Obstetrician

Internets, I cannot stress enough how lucky we managed to get with the Colonel.

I honestly love that he talks to us, and reviews everything with us at every visit.  He is very assured of himself, and you can tell he has been doing this for a long time.

The funniest part is how different the books describe visits and what "should" be happening at each one in comparison to what we do go through.

He isn't invasive, there isn't anything extra going on for labs unless he has a question.  My sugars are good, and for the most part these visits are routine.

Well, when my son cooperates.

This baby tends to "hide" in a corner every time we have a visit.  Last Friday this resulted in an unscheduled ultrasound to confirm viability because there was no sign of a heart beating on the Doppler.  Never mind that the little one was kicking away, it's the heartbeat that we needed.

Starting with next week's visits, I have BPP ultrasound scheduled before each doctor's visit, as well as a second BPP later in the week with no doctor's visit after.  The bio-physical profile will give us stats and start tracking weight, length, amniotic fluid levels, and also my cervix and its activity from now until birth.

We have 8 1/2 weeks left, and they look to be busiest ones yet!

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