Monday, April 11, 2011

R is for Redecorating

All my books mention that nesting is normal.  That uncontrollable urge - no, NEED - to have things cleaned and organized.  The inability to not leave things just laying around.

I firmly believe that this is the one symptom A is the most frustrated with.

Internets, I have found a solution:  plan a move!

When we came East, the complex we moved in to had no available 2 bedrooms.  It was our first choice, but since the complex and location couldn't be beat, we agreed to take a 1 bedroom.  The girl who handled our lease said she would keep an eye out for a 2 bedroom at the end of our lease and see if they could move us.

Well, we signed a 1 year lease, which ends on April 15th.  And our new 2 bedroom will be available on April 16th.

So this need to organize and clean is being fully met as I pack during the day, and watch A lug boxes down to our storage unit in anticipation of this coming weekend. 

And right on track, we'll be in a place where the baby will have his own room just in time for me to need to decorate and redecorate the apartment until I am too pooped to do it again.

Now, if only I could stop dusting the empty shelves over and over again...

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