Thursday, April 7, 2011

Q is for Question

I really haven't had too many questions about things that are happening.  The baby is progressing as normally as possible, and thanks to the Internet and books and iPhone apps, things are available out there.

Believe it or not, the Colonel loves the fact that this information is out there.  He prefers that we are well-informed and can get information when needed.  He and his staff remind us that we can call at any time, but there just haven't been any odd complications like that.

There is one question that I have gotten from friends, and it's regarding pictures of the baby.  Specifically if they will be shared.

And at this point I have to say I plan to post a pic of him when he is born, but anything after that is a conversation that I'll be having with A. 

My concerns are about the weirdos out there who like to look at these pictures of children with the worst possible intentions.  I've read a couple of bloggers who use an encryption that stop people from being able to copy and save pictures from their sites.  When I mentioned them to A, the showed me how someone could hit print screen, paste the picture into a document, crop it in MS Paint, and then save it. 

It's how he's gotten a couple of movie posters online and turned them into screen savers.

So, needless to say that ruled out using Facebook regularly.  And this blog may get a few Wordless Wednesdays with him, but you will probably continue to see more of the cat and the landscape around us than baby pics.

And before someone comments on creating a private album on Facebook, we've talked about that too.  But then we have to decide who gets to see it, and if they save a picture and share it, even innocently, it would feel like a betrayal to us.

So, for now, we're playing it day by day.

But you will see feet.  And hands.

And I promise at least one picture of him announcing he's arrived.

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