Monday, February 21, 2011

F is for Firsts

My son has become an active boy, which is a good thing since I'm supposed to make sure I feel movement daily per the Colonel.

I felt him moving for the first time in late December.  Before that, I didn't feel the movements but the ultrasounds made sure we saw he was there.

That first ultrasound in November had my husband and I laughing.  Our astonishment at the movement we saw lead to calls to each of our mothers.  They in turn laughed at us because of the reactions we had to the bouncing inside me.

Since December, the movements have been semi-regular.  But late last week, things changed a little.

Between his apparent obsession with my diaphragm and the daily rolling, there were moments with obvious kicks.  And I felt my first one and couldn't stop grinning.

Last night was another first.

He was kicking every few moments, and my hand on my stomach was feeling every tap.  I had A roll his chair over and we waited with our hands together in the spot he'd been hitting.

And he did it again.

My husband's face was the best part of the whole experience.  His eyes widened and while he was smiling at the same time he stated that was the weirdest thing he ever felt.

I had to laugh and then remind him that that was the exact same thing I'd been saying for months.  And now he got to appreciate it.

Which made him smile even more.

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