Thursday, February 17, 2011

E is for Ergonomics

When we moved to VA, the first furniture purchase we made was for desks. 

Due to the way our office/sun room is situated, we both ended up with corner desks.  Those, along with actual computer chairs, have made it possible to be comfortable and ergonomic.

Win win!

The recent issue has been along the lines of the actual desk set up.  Especially the positioning of my keyboard, mouse, and the phone I need for calls from work.

I stand 5'2.5", and I emphasize the extra .5" as if my life depended on it.  So while I fit perfectly at my desk, my short arms just don't reach very far.  Which is why I normally sit rolled up to the desk.

Now, imagine the changes due to the recent developments of my mid-section.

I have to have my chair pushed back.  There is no ifs, ands, or buts about that fact.  Even getting hugs from my husband have changed because of the solid mass that pushes everything else inside me out of the way when squeezed back into me.

Which means that slowly but surely I am sliding all my necessary office equipment forward on the desk.

I am running out of writing space, but have all this room behind the phone now.  And the cat is not thrilled about not being allowed on the desk to nap as I work.

It's seriously cutting into our snuggle time, and he is making it obvious that this may not be tolerated much longer....


  1. Can't he sleep behind the phone on the desk? :-)

  2. LOL He must be held. It's all about being held. When you come visit remind me to show you what happens when I say the word "snuggle". He knows...