Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thermostat Wars, Part 2

Some of you may remember my note about the battle to find a comfortable temperature while inside.

It's still not over.

Actually, it got a little ugly 2 nights ago. He was miserable because he really couldn't remove any more clothing and still be allowed to sit on the furniture. I was being stubborn because I didn't want to be in full winter pajamas in order to not have to be under a blanket all day.

There was some raised voices about the issue. And I wish I could throw our bill for the electricity in his face, but it really is a reasonable amount each month. So really, it's about who is willing to make a change.

And for the sake of the upholstery, it has to be me.

So, I spend my days in pajama pants, socks, bra, t-shirt.....and starting today, my Snuggie.

I really never planned to use it unless it got cold enough over the winter to need more warmth.

Right now, it's in the washer so that I can start using it each day.

And yes, I promise to get a pic of this....

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