Thursday, August 26, 2010

Month 12, Cycle Day 2

Yes, this is the 12th month since we first attempted the Clomid.

Last September began this odd ordeal of hormones and fits of depression when things didn't happen. I honestly expected that it would just come about, and here we are still looking at things.

The up side to all this is that this cycle came with no progesterone. And also that I could see my ovulation happening on the BBT chart.

In case anyone is curious, I went here, registered for free, and entered my data. As soon as the dip and increase in temperature happened, the graph drew the base line, marked my ovulation, and the temperatures continued to match a normal cycle.

Yesterday, I entered the information and noted Day 1 of the cycle. This morning my chart refreshed to show me the new cycle and a blank sheet.

Talk about making it easy.

This month I am adding the ovulation tests in to see if the chemicals are there. If there is no ovulation, but the temperature changes say there is, then it's something I can take to the doctor. The plan is to see him again on the first couple of days of the next cycle to check on the cyst.

And to start the clomid again.

I am planning to continue losing the weight, trying to get as healthy as possible. All the literature says that if you lose a certain percentage of your body weight it can help the hormones. Apparently, it is going in the right direction, so I'm just going to keep trying and hope this is the magic combination.

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