Monday, October 1, 2012

A First For Us

We are spoiled.  We know this and are so grateful.

James has great grandparents who adore his every move, and they regularly show up with clothes and toys and snacks for him.  He has always had enough clothes for everything, some times too much of it, and often things that he maybe only wore once or twice.

The seasons have definitely shifted in the last 2 weeks, to the point where he actually needs socks to wear inside and out, as well as shoes.  His pajamas, which he's worn since April, are all short sleeved, and so not practical for someone who still doesn't stay under the covers when he sleeps.

So we bit the bullet.

You know how people say that having a child is expensive?

They weren't kidding!

In the last 5 days we have spent roughly $100 on things he needs.  And we aren't done.

He now has 6 sets of pajamas with long legs and sleeves, 6 pairs of white crew socks to wear with the 1 pair of new tennis shoes we ordered, and 4 pairs of socks with rubber grips on the bottom for wearing inside so he doesn't slip.

He still needs at least a hoodie and then a warm coat, a hat to keep his ears and head warm, and a couple more long pants and long sleeved shirts.  Not to mention at least 3 blanket sleepers for when it gets REALLY cold this Winter.

While standing at the checkout on Saturday night, I looked at A and said this was the first time in 16 months that we had to spend money on James for clothes.  Between hand-me-downs and gifts from my mom and sister and nieces and brother and then A's family, James has been clothed and comfortable for almost the first year and a half of his life.

Yup.  Spoiled.  All of us.

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