Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hello, September

I am ready for Fall.


While the weather change will be a welcome, I'm not looking forward to what I anticipate will be a fight with James.

He now heads for the door when it opens, and has gotten comfortable enough to walk over the threshold.  The outside world means rocks and leaves, and as those leaves fall to the ground he will be in heaven.

But as the weather changes, he will be burdened with something new:


We tried to slip on some to try on and the look he gave me was enough to let me know that it's going to be interesting.  And that we will need to look for velcro because he has this fascination with laces.  And pretty much any piece of string. 

He likes to lay them flat and straight and see if they move.

I dunno why, but he laughs at them, scrunches them up, and then does it again.

The best part of THIS Fall?

My brother is coming.  He will meet his nephew, who is going to love him!

So, let's get a move on and change seasons!

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