Friday, August 24, 2012

This Week's "Thing"

James is pretty focused when he plays.  Actually, it's almost a little too intense some times.  He just seems to fixate on one thing and plays and plays and plays.

There are some sure fire ways to get his attention though.

Turn on an episode of Super Why on PBS.

Stand by the door with keys and ask if he wants to "Go, Go, Go!"

Sing his special song we made up for him.

Open the door to our bedroom, which is one of two doors that are kept shut during the day for his safety and our sanity.

And finally....

Open the door to the bathroom in the hallway.

I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never really use the toilet alone unless we are at Target and A has him in a shopping cart.

It's really about 3 things:

1) The door is closed so when it opens he HAS TO GO THERE immediately to see if anything has changed.

2)  He has discovered the toilet paper and thinks it's interesting to pull on and make twirl.

3) There is something about the swirling water as the toilet flushes that is just amazing.

That last one is the one that cracks me up.

He will walk in with a toy and go sit on the bath mat on the other side of this huge bathroom and play.  But the second the flush happens, he is on his feet and making a beeline to the toilet to look in and see the water go down.

Heaven forbid you attempt a courtesy flush because he will walk up to you and smack your knee.  He expects you to stand so he can look in and watch before continuing with your business.

For his first birthday, the great grandparents bought him his first potty seat so we'd be ready for him.  I'm thinking that I will be opening it this weekend.  He is in no way ready to start, but as long as he is in there, it doesn't hurt to teach him to sit, right?

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