Thursday, September 20, 2012

Success At Last!!!

So, after almost 4 months, James is drinking liquids without a wrestling match, and almost completely on his own.

After the cleft palate surgery, making him take a bottle was torture for everyone involved.  Sippy cups did no good either.  He wanted nothing in his mouth, and proved to be stronger than we thought when it came to fighting it.

Since most of his liquids came from his baby food each day, we didn't worry at first.  But his transition to more regular foods have meant that something had to be done.

And then he discovered chocolate milkshakes.

Yes, I'm a horrible mother.  But he liked them, and it gave me an opportunity to teach him to suck through the straw and not just have me feeding him as if he was a baby bird using a dropper.

Last week, during dinner out, the waitress brought him a kid's cup with a straw.  We didn't think it would work.  He had been fighting just drinking liquids because there was more effort involved.  The milkshake was thick and stayed up in the straw, so he was able to sip and not have to wait for the drink.

But he did it!

So we brought his cup home, and now he is drinking a few ounces with each feeding and laughing.

Next up, finding a sippy cup that has a straw, will not leak, and he will hold.  Then he'll be all set to fly to CA in November!

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