Thursday, February 16, 2012

Somehow We've Developed A Routine

Over the last month or so, a bedtime routine has appeared.

It's the one guaranteed time that we all file into James' room for a diaper change, normally followed by tickling and fresh pajamas.  We help him stand once we are done, and normally dance or tickle some more.  Just before he is flown like Superman to his crib, I ask for kisses and get this goofy grin from my little man as he slowly leans in to attack my cheeks.

He knows it's night night time, and unless he really isn't tired and needs more time to unwind, we can let him land in his crib, put his blankets over him, kill the lights, and then leave the room with nothing more than a grunt.

Last night, we ran some errands and had him out until a little after 9.  He was tired, you could tell, but he was still giggling and laughing at the changing routine, and promptly pulled himself to standing.

Somehow I'd forgotten about asking for my kisses, wanting to get him in bed so he could sleep, when suddenly I realized he was leaning into me with his mouth open.

He hadn't forgotten about my kisses.

And so I got my kiss on each cheek and then laid him in bed.

After squeezing him so tight he giggled and letting him know how happy he's made me.

I get kisses without asking, and am going to treasure that right up until the day he decides we shouldn't be seen in public with him.

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