Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Almost 2 Weeks

My husband is still a little shocked by our son.

At a day shy of 2 weeks old, he is sleeping 4-6 hours at a time.  He awakens without screaming, just fussing because he is hungry.  With the cleft, feeding takes a little longer, and we are a little more watchful of burping regularly.  After food, a diaper change, and then quality time where we talk to him or just little him stretch out and look around him.

He's normally up for about 90 minutes, and then he fusses as he fights sleep, only to give in and begin the pattern again.

The only time we have had a mad little monster on our hands was a bought of gassiness.  Which just added to the vigilance on burping him regularly.

This was not what my husband expected.  He was really psyched for crying and screaming and no sleep.

Apparently the baby has disappointed him in this one.

Me?  I am getting plenty of sleep, A has taken back all housework, and when awake I spend my time inhaling my son's smell.

Which may be changing as of today.  Especially since someone lost his umbilical cord this morning.  And really could stand a real bath....

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