Monday, March 14, 2011

A Year Ago

It's been a year since I saw most of my friends gathered together in one place.

They sang Happy Birthday to me.

Then serenaded me with the Beatles version on Rock Band - while stinking drunk.

I miss them all so much, but I look at the life we've carved out so far and I don't regret the decision to leave.

Life here is so much different, is about to be even more of a challenge with the addition of our son.  My family here has never once made me feel like an outsider, and has included us both in every gathering and piece of news.

So today I am 37 and almost 29 weeks pregnant.  I've told A that I wanted nothing but a night off from cooking as our focus is on moving to a new apartment in 1 month and preparing for a baby the month after that.

I can honestly say I am content with where my life has taken me so far, and while I miss my mom, brother, sister, and all 3 nieces, this was what we needed to start our lives together.

Now to see where the next year takes us...

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