Tuesday, March 15, 2011

K is for Kegels

I remember being in my late teens / early twenties and reading about doing your Kegels in a Cosmo magazine.

Did I do them?

Yes.  It was one of those things that no one ever knew you were doing, and while working in a theme park and standing around it was something to do.

Yes, I am weird.

Now the pregnancy books and apps on my iPhone are constantly mentioning doing this.  That it will help with incontinence.  And labor.  Let's not forget that.

I still find myself doing my exercises while working, but no with the regularity or intensity recommended.  In fact, if we were being graded on attendance and performance I'd be failing and looking at making it up in summer school.


Now that the c-section talk has been had with the Colonel, I am starting to wonder if I lucked out or if I am being punished for not doing my exercises each day.  That whole universe calling the shots thing is what I really do believe in most of the time, so maybe that's it.  That's why I didn't do them!

But just in case, I will be working on strengthening muscles while I can so recovery later will be easier.

Especially since SOMEONE has discovered my bladder....

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