Monday, January 31, 2011

Why I LOVE the Colonel's Scale

So, my appointments are pretty routine at the Colonel's office:

Pee in a cup, check blood pressure, hop on the scale, and listen to the heartbeat. A quick chat to check on things, get info from him on what to expect next, and then make the next appointment for 2 weeks out.

My favorite part is the weigh in. And not because I'm not gaining. Far from it.

Their office area for the scale is tight. I am big. So apparently when I stand on the scale, my balance is a little off and has been since day one. While I know my weight based on other appointments with other doctors and the Wii Fit at home, their scale consistently weighs me about 20 lbs lighter.

Last appointment they noticed that the number looked way off, and I had to remind them about their scale. The nurse just laughed and asked if I had lost weight. When I said I didn't think so, she just said to keep doing what I am doing.

Yes, my doctor has never set a weight parameter for me. He has encouraged me to eat healthy, watch my blood sugar, and report issues.

After dieting for 2 months last summer, I don't have a huge appetite at meals. But I do continue to snack every 2 hours, and watch my sugars.

I weighed in on September 20th and at that point I was at 271.4 lbs and had managed to lose roughly 26 lbs on my own in those 2 months. In December, the Endocrinologist weighed me and I came in at 282 lbs exactly 2 months after the week we found out I was pregnant. I'd gained roughly 10 lbs and was still feeling good.

As of this morning I am holding at 291.6 lbs per the Wii Fit. I take that with a grain of salt, but even with that I've only gained another 9 lbs in 7 weeks. A total of 19 lbs since September.

I don't want to say I won't gain any more weight, but I am trying to be careful. We'll know on the 9th of next month how big he is, and then I may need to sit with the Colonel and ask about any changes I should make. I know that most of what I've put on will be gone once the baby is born and everything is gone, but I don't want to make it any harder on myself to lose anything extra that may be put one. Especially since I will be breastfeeding, and I know that dieting while doing that will hurt us both.

Besides, I still have the option of 1 more per our pact before we were married. And if we do that, I plan to start trying once our first is at least 15 months old. With that goal in mind, I know what I need to do in order to try to make that as painless as possible...

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  1. My friends refer to breastfeeding as "the miracle diet." As long as you continue to eat thoughfully during that time, your body consumes so many calories producing milk that you can't HELP but to lose weight.

    You are doing so awesome! This baby is so lucky to have such a fantastic mom :-)