Thursday, January 13, 2011

Feeling Surreal

You know, up until yesterday this whole pregnancy thing has been nothing more than the thought that there was a little person growing inside me. You read about the baby being the size of an apple or mango, but I don't think it really sinks in completely.

At least it didn't for me.

Yesterday, after he had his pictures taken, and kicked and moved and made us laugh, the technician smiled. She told us it looked good, but that we had to come back in 4 weeks because he was being stubborn about showing his face, and curled up in a way they couldn't view his spine.

Then she told us that he weighs 1 lb exactly at this point.

I am still trying to process that last part.

I have a 1 lb little person growing inside of me. I know what that weight feels like, and that I think adds to my disbelief that this is really happening and it really is a little person.

I think knowing the weight has made things a little more solid for me. And apparently that makes A smile at me when I mention it every 20 minutes.

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