Friday, January 18, 2013


During James' first year of life we had snow for 1 day.

Compared to the previous Winter this was nothing.  Luckily neither of us wanted to go anywhere with a baby in bad weather, so the lack of snow was actually a blessing of sorts.

Yesterday the first snow of 2013 came down.

And I mean it really fell.


And as you see above, I took James outside.

He kept looking up and around at things.  That tree is normally covered in leaves all Summer, and is his favorite to pull leaves from.  Seeing it like this had him staring.

I managed to make a small ball of snow to show him, and he touched it while it was in my hand.  But he felt the cold and wet and that was it.  This wasn't fun, and he had no interest in walking in it at all.

After that he was done and ready to go back inside.  I had interrupted some playing with blocks for this little adventure.

Next year I'm hoping to have a sled of some kind for when this happens.  I've never been sledding and the house has a huge yard.

Then we'll see if snow becomes something he enjoys playing in.

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