Monday, January 21, 2013

He Naps, Therefore We Are

I have realized that we live for nap time.

I actually try to get some reading done.  A magazine or book.  I also made the biggest mistake of my life: solitaire on the Kindle Fire.

I have an addiction issue.  My hand has actually cramped from having to use my index finger to touch the screen.  I've tried using other fingers, but it's not the same.

So I bought a stylus.

Yup, issues.

My husband takes that time to catch up with the news online, read his email, and play some video games.

Some times we even turn on a show on Netflix, sit together on the couch, and he'll play on his iPhone while I play on the Kindle.

That is how we want to grow old together.  Side by side on the couch.  TV on with something that makes us laugh.  A board game or some electronic thing there to play together.

Maybe something like Uno.  Uno is something we can play while sitting and talking or watching TV.

We should be packing for our move.  We keep saying we will.

But while James naps, we are us for a little bit.

We need that every so often.

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