Friday, May 4, 2012

I Have A New Role!

When it comes to the day to day chores, we have always had an interesting balance.

I do the cooking, prefer to load the dishwasher, and generally handle the grocery shopping.

He does the unloading of the dishwasher and all the other housework, including all our laundry.

When it comes to insects, A is very good about all things with multiple legs that have managed to get in the doors and windows.

Now, the most interesting thing I've learned living here with central air is that insects can make it in  through the vent.  The system just sucks them in, and they literally pop out in the room.  We've had a beetle, some spiders, and even a moth mange to get in.

Never a problem.  That's my husbands job.  He takes them and either gets them back outside or squishes them if I am particularly in need of making sure they are truly gone.

But yesterday we redefined one critical part of this routine.

Apparently, anything with a stinger is off limits for him.

Go figure.

A yellow jacket managed to get through, and while it was alive and dazed, unable to actually fly, I had no real issue with it.  They just don't bother me.  I've always ignored buzzing things with stingers, so I just told him to get it out.  Which he hemmed and hawed at until I finally told him to take James and I would handle it.

I don't think I've seem him that relieved in a while.

The little guy was dropped outside on a bush, and I went back in and returned to playing on the floor with my little climber.

So, now we know: stingers are bad and handled by me.  *flexes muscles*

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