Monday, April 9, 2012

Mommy Monday

First off, I apologize for missing last week. 

But you know how things get on Mondays: You start working on something for work, and then you stop work and do dinner, and then someone needs a bath and bedtime, and then you are staring at the ceiling and wondering where the day went.

And suddenly it's Wednesday, you don't remember Tuesday, and you figure that you just need to move forward and not try to figure it out.

So, today I am giving you 2 pieces of wisdom from my shower last year to make up for it.

The first comes from a close friend of A's grandmother.  She's been a part of the family for years, and here is what she shared:

"Take a moment to get your breath and just thank God for that precious little one.  Say a little prayer and everything will be okay."

Then there is my husband's aunt, who is actually the niece of his grandmother:

"During bad times call Barbara.  Let the baby stay a lot with grandparents and great grandparents."

Both of those are great pieces of advice, and things I find I have done and am starting to do more of as time passes.

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