Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Daddy 1, Sickness 0

Monday morning, James woke up and had the greenest eye boogers ever.

Is that too much info at once?  Sorry.

I cleaned him up, and then a little while later noticed that the right eye was a little swollen and there was more green goop oozing out of there.  I assumed clog duct, did the warm washcloth thing, and told A about it.

He immediately went to Google, read the possible reasons, and then called his dad.

And then called the pediatrician to schedule an appointment for later in the day.

The right eye stopped, but then the left eye seemed to do it.  It was weird looking, and daddy did not like it one bit.

I'll be honest:  I didn't think too much of it.  I was prepared to do warm compresses and massage the duct area to loosen things up.

I was wrong.

James is now on antibiotics to kill off an eye and ear infection.  The ears were barely red, so the doctor said that we caught it before it became something worse, so congrats to us.

Daddy instinct to the rescue!

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