Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Patience of a Jedi Master

Today is day 3 of solids.

James now gets a few spoonfuls of food each morning for breakfast, and again as part of dinner.

To be honest, he has taken to this like a champ.  There is no fighting the spoon, he is opening his mouth and taking in the foods, and not making too much of a mess.  We did apples for the first 2 days, and this morning started with sweet potatoes as his first veggie.

About that mess though....

I hate that there is nothing I can do for his cleft palate.

The only mess he is making is when he gets something up into that cavity.  The next thing we know it's coming out his nose, and he's having issues breathing.  We have to stop and clean up and then start again.

He is the most patient little boy.  At 4 months, he doesn't get frustrated or mad or anything.  He gives a big sigh and waits for the next spoonful.  I have to just wait and watch for signs he is clear of the mess, and then move in for the next spoonful.

We're both taking it slow and figuring it out.  Moving slowly and practicing patience.

Master Yoda would be proud.

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