Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Saying No To (OTC) Drugs

At the one month appointment, my son was starting to doze off when the nurse came back with a needle.

We had decided long ago that the baby would receive all his regular immunizations, and that started just after he was born and still in the hospital. This appointment marked the first we were going to witness, and next month he gets two of them at his appointment.

He was a trooper. He yelped when the injection went in, and then not another peep. Five minutes later we were in the car, and he was napping quietly.

That evening, he was resting on me and starting to doze while I was on the phone. After talking to my cousin, I called my mom and updated her on the day. I also mentioned that I thought he felt warm, and asked if I should give him some infant Tylenol or something to help with that. We've been through this, her with all of us, and me with helping my sister raise twins. It's the logical choice in the end, and normally helps stave of a rough night.

Cue the daddy.

Apparently, a notice in the doctor's office had caught A's eye.  He had read that the one thing that most new parents overreact on was a fever.  It went on to explain what were the normal ranges, when it was time for meds, and at what point a doctor or hospital would be needed.

That and he didn't think we needed to "pre-medicate" the baby.

So, we made a deal: no drugging.  But if the fussiness or fever happened, he would be up handling it while I drove to WalMart to get something for him.  Luckily we are so close to a 24 hour store that it wouldn't be an issue.

And wouldn't you know it?  Daddy was right and we all slept soundly that night....

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