Thursday, February 13, 2014

Food Fight - And Not The Fun Kind

Getting James to eat something new is our latest battle.

Well, unless it's chocolate.

We have been concerned because his diet stays about the same.  So we added Pedia Sure shakes, which he inhales to the point where we have had to limit how many he gets to have or else the result is constipation.

Now, one of his favorite things to eat are animal crackers.  We, being the logical people we are, figured that if he would eat food in fun shapes that we should try something new and fun.

Enter the dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets.

And cue up 3 nights of crying and fighting from a child who acted as if we were torturing him slowly.

He swallowed a total of 3 tiny pieces in 3 nights before we gave up.  There was no way around it, no way to get him to eat them, and we were all miserable.

A couple of days after the last attempt I baked some chocolate chip cookies.

James once again refused to eat them.  He just didn't want anything new and he didn't recognize them.

Until I was sitting on the couch Monday night, munching away, and he noticed the chocolate. And leaned in and took a bite of the half eaten one in my hand.

Wait.  I should clarify.

First, he touched it with his hand.  Then he leaned in and let the edge of the cookie touch his lips.  He smiled at me, leaned in again, and this time opened his mouth and sorta licked it while letting his teeth touch the surface.

Then he consumed that one and two more.

The husband and I agreed thatv we are going to make a batch of nuggets and sit on the couch eating them, while ignoring him.

It will either work or we will have to find another way.  I mean, there are only so many grilled cheese sandwiches that one toddler can eat, right?

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