Tuesday, November 20, 2012

And Now A Break

Not from blogging.  I enjoy coming here and sharing.

No no no.

Every vacation in the last year has been planned.  There were things to do.  People to visit.  Surgeries.  Reunions.

Today I start a little stay-cation.  Just nothing but cooking for the family this Thursday and spending time with James.

Which seems a little redundant to some people.  I work from home.  I play with James throughout the day to be completely honest.  But when there isn't work, when I can turn off the laptop for a bit, then the focus is on him.

He knows the difference.

So does my husband.

I do need to share something that apparently happened this morning while I was at the optometrist.

James was in his high chair, eating oatmeal, and Super Why was on in background.  At the beginning of each episode, the characters identify a problem, and once it's stated they normally respond with  "Oh no!".  As they did this today, James apparently turned to the screen and said "uh oh".

Those moments when we realize he is paying attention are what get us both.  My husband says he couldn't stop giggling at our son, which just made our little ham smile.

I think we have the makings of a future class clown!

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