Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oddly This Milestone Is Hitting Me The Hardest

Every time we are in a store and look in the baby/children's department, I look at the little things and can't remember James being that small.

The onesies?  The carriers?  The swings?

I just can't picture him in those things anymore.

Last week, we ran some errands after work.  We've learned that he is good with 3 stops per outing as long as we can alternate how he travels.  Normally, we take his seat in on the shopping cart, carry him on the 2nd stop, and then use the stroller on the 3rd.  He isn't stuck in the seat all night, and sees different things at different levels.

When we reached the 3rd stop, A noticed something while attaching his seat to the stroller.

You see, his legs have gotten long enough that his feet are getting caught under the bar that supports the little awning that would be protecting him from wind and sun.  We dislodged them, but when he kicked, they got stuck again.

We realized we were at the point where he was beginning to outgrown his car seat/carrier.

Which was more noticeable when we realized he could easily push himself against the car's seat itself while in the rear facing position.

So last night, his great grandparents went with us to the store and we picked out a bigger seat.

Technically, this one could have been used from birth, and converts to a booster so he is set for a very very long time.

But I can't get over the fact that he really is growing.  His personality shines through every day, and the things he does and tries to do amazes me.  So why am I so shocked about this new seat?

Because I want him to stay tiny a little bit longer.

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