Tuesday, May 24, 2011

When Pregnancy Brain Happens

Our doctor's visits have been biweekly affairs since November.

In April, right around 32 weeks, we became weekly visitors.  Then a couple of weeks later, we began a weekly doctor's visit after the Monday BPP and a pit stop on Thursday for a blood pressure, weight, and urine screening.

I know the routine.  The nursing staff is great, they laugh and joke with us each time.  We walk across the hall to use the scale, I wander back to pee in the cup for an analysis, and then sit for a quick blood pressure check.  If we are seeing the Colonel, then A is summoned and we wait in a room.  If that isn't needed, then we chat a bit and leave.

This is the routine.  It has always been the routine.  Nothing changes, and it's so automatic that I don't even sit when we get to the office because I know we'll be moving along quickly.

Which is why last Friday had us all dying of laughter....

After the weight check, I waddled back to use the bathroom.  As I have been doing twice a week for over a month, I grabbed a sterile container from the basket, dropped everything from the waste down, opened the container, and then sat down to collect.

A moment later I was done, bladder was empty, and then I looked at my hands.  The hands that were still holding the container in one and the lid in another.  That had never collected anything.

I tossed them in the trash, composed myself, and washed my hands.  As I stepped out to do the blood pressure check, I told the nurse that we'd have to try that again later.  She asked if I'd missed, and I had to tell her the truth:

My brain blanked out long enough for me to FORGET I was using the bathroom in order to provide a urine sample for analysis.

She was beet red laughing, so was the other office person we see each visit, and then A was let in on the joke.  We all could not stop laughing, and the nurse told me not to worry since everything else looked perfect.

The greatest part was that my blood pressure was the lowest it's been in a while after that laugh.....

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