Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thermostat Wars, Part 3

I know I have mentioned before that my husband and I run at different internal body temperatures.

During the summer, I was wrapped in a Snuggie while he ran the AC and walked around in shorts and a muscle shirt, complaining it wasn't cold enough.

I was bracing myself for Winter. The temperatures were going to be colder than anything I was used to before, and while he'd be content, I'd want central heat.

Boy, was I wrong. And it has nothing to do with pregnancy hormones or anything like that at all!

Our apartment is neatly situated on the 2nd floor of our building. Due to the floor plans, we have an apartment below and above us. We also have one directly to one side, another across the small landing in front of door, and another directly behind us. Only one wall of the apartment is exposed to the actual outdoors, and that's the one that houses the 2 windows in the sun room and the 2 windows in the bedroom.

With this cozy situation, and the fact that the building is roughly 5 years old and well insulated, we have not had to turn on the heat once this Winter. As the apartments around us warm, our place stays cozy.

In fact, the problem we both have is if I cook a meal that requires the oven to be on for more than 30 minutes. The apartment is actually too warm, and if we eat late then the AC is on for about 30-45 minutes to get the temperature to the point where we will be comfortable sleeping.

How do I know this has nothing to do with my pregnancy and internal changes?

Because on these same nights, if we step outdoors, I am wearing 4 layers of clothes, high boots, gloves, hat, and on top of it all a full wool trench coat buttoned to the top.

Apparently location is the key right now, and it's made getting through this season the easiest one for us both.

Who would have believed I'd say that about my first real Winter?

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