Thursday, January 6, 2011

On Men and Their Nesting Instinct

When I lived alone, my little apartment proudly featured the things I loved. I did not keep my collectibles hiding in the bedroom. Everything was always proudly out in the living room, and several of the children I was Aunt to loved the freedom to play with my toys.

And I mean toys literally. I had Star Wars figures and Legos. I remember on more than one occasion saying it was okay to play with them, I had saved the instructions and could rebuild at any time.

When A moved in, his collectibles started accumulating as well. For him, it was Transformers and Marvel Comics figures, as well as the additional Star Wars action figures and vehicles as well. We purchased extra book cases, and he set up his things right alongside mine in our living room, and he always allowed them to be handled and played with, same as me.

We moved from that apartment to a house, with my brother as a roommate, and still made room out in the living room for our things. My brother was encouraged to add to this, and it was our way of having a comfortable place where we spent most of our time together.

The move across country brought the added challenge of space for our bookcases. While the apartment has plenty of living space, getting items out has been different. He still has his two bookcases in the living room, loaded with figures, and I have mine with my items as well.

Why all this background information?

Last night I needed to stretch, so we went to run errands and do some walking. One stop was at Toys R Us/Babies R Us, and they had an area with rockers and gliders for people to sit and try.

His comment was that it was too bad we didn't have a rocker. I said I wanted to order a glider from the furniture store we bought our bed at, and explained where I was thinking of placing it in the living room.

When we got home, he sat to play at the computer and then got up and walked around the apartment. Then he took out the tape measure. Started measuring furniture and walls.

Next thing I know, he's moved some pieces around and I suddenly have more room for my glider.

Today, he started looking around again and has devised a way to arrange our movies so that I get more office space in my corner. This will mean that all his Transformers will either be boxed or moved to the shelves in our bedroom.

When he proposed his plan, I honestly asked him to make sure this was what he wanted. And he said that he liked the look of our living room with the movies in place, and that he wanted to make room for things the baby would need.

This weekend, he plans to have the bedroom rearranged so that we've cleared the baby's area. All that will be missing is the crib by the time we are done.

I know you all are tired of hearing this, but he's going to make an amazing father. He's doing all this, making decisions and rearranging, because of his son.

I couldn't be happier these days. And I am so in love with my husband.

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