Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Friendly Tip for Doctors

At the end of the of the exam on Thursday, the pediatric cardiologist who reviewed everything said that if my doctor or I felt the need to do this again we could try in a few weeks when the baby was bigger. I thanked him, but told him I didn't think it'd be necessary.

What I was biting my tongue from saying out loud was that the only way I'd come back is if it was someone else entirely I'd be dealing with.


Well, when the expecting mother refers to the baby as "he", and you inquire about how this is known, the proper response to "we had an amnio" should probably be along the lines of "and everything was fine, right?". There should be no need to question why an amnio was needed if this isn't your patient, and then when told by said patient that it was a combination of being diabetic and 36 the doctor's response should not just be, "Oh, you're old."

Yes, people, that is what he said to me. Then he nodded and went back to talking to the ultrasound tech.

Another reason?

Because after the tech and the doctor both try to get a shot of the heart to review, and finding out that no, the patient's bladder isn't full because no one said that urinating before the exam was not allowed, telling the patient, "It's because you're big..." isn't really the excuse that should be used. Especially when said patient has already had enough ultrasounds, both internal and external, to know that the equipment in this room was the oldest in the building. And not to mention the 20 pictures of the unborn boy in an album at home proving that clear photos are able to be had through the excess "fluff".

You ever get the feeling some doctors should be reminded about manners, especially in hormonal pregnant women, regularly?

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