Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Playing the Name Game

So, we are throwing names around, trying to find a good combination.

We've agreed that we want a strong name, are watching for possible bad nicknames, and would prefer something unique but not different.

Not too difficult, right?

When A and I met online, we were playing World of Warcraft and using characters and their names for the first few weeks we were together. He was Rykar, I was Briar.

Keep that in mind, okay?

While going through a list in an app I downloaded, we found that Ryker was an actual name, and had a definition and everything. While it's not something we would choose for a first name, as a middle name it could work. So it made it's way on to our list of potentials.

At one point, A took the list and sat at his computer to look at more names and review possibilities. He came back and handed me the notepad, and I began to recite the names out loud.

I should explain here that we are doing this out loud thing to get a feel for how it flows. That, and as I have explained to family, I don't kid myself that I will never have to address my son with his full name due to something that was done and shouldn't have been. It's life, and boys will be boys.

As I read the second column, I reached the fourth name down, and read it first to myself. Then aloud....

"William Ryker...Wait a minute, isn't that....? Is that his full name in the show?"

And this is where A began to giggle and said he was wondering if I could catch it.

Yes, people, my husband managed to come up with Captain Pickard's shipmate from Star Trek: The Next Generation while looking for a name for our future son.

The spelling would be off a bit, but other than that it was Will.

And it was also quickly vetoed. This show was a family favorite for A's family, something they would all watch together in the evenings. We knew they would know where it came from, and there was no way to deny we knew it, too.

Which is why, though we're currently still name hunting and not sure when or if we will share the final decision, this one I told his family on Saturday.

And they all laughed.

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