Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Still Riding High

I have found myself touching my tummy and smiling more than ever since yesterday morning. If that can even be possible for me. I even finally took the box from the closet with the things we had bought in the past for our future baby. All boy things, which I think we were lucky about.

The best part?

Watching my husband start a list of names for his son. This is really real for him now, and I can tell it excited him when he started texting his friends the news. He's been cautious, maybe what I should have been from the beginning, but now that things are clearing he is beaming more.

And kissing and touching my belly.

I think that the clearest sign that he is ready for it all to happen is what he did yesterday afternoon:

Registered at Target for the baby.

I should clarify:

I wanted to get the crib and a few items on the list and then think of the rest. He immediately pointed out diapers, and grooming kits, and a bath, and a changing pad. I remember registering for our wedding and it was nowhere near as interactive as yesterday was.

He is going to be such an amazing daddy!

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