Monday, December 6, 2010

A Real First

This weekend was spent indoors. Taking it easy. Because of the weatherman.

I actually stayed awake long enough on Thursday to see that they were expect flurries at some point on Friday. Driving home from the doctor on Friday, it looked like something was hitting the windshield, but neither of us could verify what it was.

Saturday morning, I peeked out the blinds and checked. The skies were bleak, but the ground was dry. No rain, no nothing. Not even the wind was blowing.

I want to say the phone rang at about 5:30. It was definitely dark out. And I was ladling out the chili from the crock pot while A answered.

Then laughed, looked at me, and told his father that he'd have me check out the window for snow.

I squealed, people. Literally squealed in joy. And immediately started snapping pictures on my cell phone.

We inhaled dinner, put on some layers, and went outside to this:

I lasted all of 15 minutes. If that.

We went back upstairs, and I proceeded to text, Tweet, and Facebook all about our first snow. My first ACTUAL snow fall. Outside my home.

Sunday morning, everything was covered in a white blanket. I could not believe it.

And of course had to run out for more pictures!

And make my first snowball...

It was gone by mid-afternoon. The wind has picked up since then.

But according to The Weather Channel, this weekend it will be back. Both days.

Time to stock the groceries!

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